More TD Foundry Free Weights go live on Amazon!

More TD Foundry Free Weights go live on Amazon!

More of TD Foundry’s free weight range are now available to purchase on Amazon, including a selection of Kettlebells, 1” and 2” weight plates, with even more sizes set to follow shortly!

Our high quality Kettlebells are designed for maximum comfort and with a weight range of 4kg to 20kg they cater for all abilities.

The versatile weight plates can be used either with a bar, or on their own using the ergonomically designed handles, which allow you to safely perform a huge number of weight plate exercises, with weights ranging from 1.25kg to 20kg.

Manufactured from high quality grey cast iron for outstanding endurance they are finished with an Electro-painted coating, providing a durable and corrosion resistant high quality finish, for the ultimate combination of style and performance.

Made in the UK at Thomas Dudley’s state of the art Foundry, these products are designed and manufactured to deliver assured quality and performance.

So if you’re thinking about starting home workouts or adding to your home gym equipment, use the links below to head straight to our Amazon listings –

2” Weight Plates

1.25Kg 2” Weight Plate –

2.5Kg 2” Weight Plate –

5Kg 2” Weight Plate –

10Kg 2” Weight Plate –

15Kg 2” Weight Plate –

20Kg 2” Weight Plate –

1” Weight Plates

1.25Kg 1” Weight Plate –

2.5Kg 1” Weight Plate –


4Kg Kettlebell –

8Kg Kettlebell –

12Kg Kettlebell –

16Kg Kettlebell –

20Kg Kettlebell –