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Our printed core technology produces foundry cores via a 3D printing process that effectively builds the core shape up in layers of silica sand and a dry binding agent. This allows a core to be modelled in CAD/CAM then sent directly to the printer.

By using this method, it removes the need to model up and manufacture core boxes which significantly reduces lead times from weeks to days.

This enables complex components to be cast that could not otherwise be produced and eliminates joint lines and the associated issues.

Allowing us to ultimately print highly complex cores in a single unit, removing the need to glue separate cores together and the associated errors.


Once your cores have been modelled up using SolidWorks or other CAD/CAM software, they can be sent directly to the 3D printer. This removes the need to:

  • Model core box
  • CNC machine core box
  • Bench core box in order to add venting and injection points
  • Undertake core trials

This reduces timescale from 6-7 weeks to 2-3 days and significantly speeds up prototype production and NPD programmes.


One of the key benefits of 3D printed cores is that they enable castings to be manufactured that are impossible to produce via traditional methods. 

This enables to produce components that can be honeycombed in order to provide enhanced venting or components that are entirely hollow can be produced with strengthening ribs.


Complex cores can be printed in a single unit where traditionally, the same process requires several separate cores to be glued together and increases the margin for errors.

By using 3D Printed Cores you can eliminate joint lines and flash.

This essentially results in castings are dimensionally perfect and additional dressing and machining can also be avoided.

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