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TD FOUNDRY:​ the complete solution
for grey and ductile iron casting

We are backed by the resources of the successful and financially robust Thomas Dudley Group, our foundries are supported by unrivalled expertise in the design, development and manufacture of iron castings.

The TD Foundry team of engineering specialists is also vastly experienced across a broad range of industry sectors and has the capability to manufacture the most complex cast iron components.

Unlike many other foundries, we can also call upon automated and air set manufacturing facilities to provide a uniquely flexible, UK based production platform. This allows us to offer a reliable and extremely cost-effective source of supply, for any given requirement.

Today, We are one of the UK’s most respected casting suppliers and operate a modern foundry in Dudley in the heart of the West Midlands.

We are unique among UK foundries and when customers choose to work with us, they do so in the knowledge that we offer the complete solution.

Our portfolio of case studies explains how we have successfully delivered iron casting solutions across a diverse range of industry sectors.


TD Foundry was established in 1920.

Having previously helped to develop and manage foundries across the UK, Thomas Dudley decided to set up his own business, half a mile from our current Head Office. In 1934, land was acquired and the foundry relocated to its current site on the Birmingham New Road. In 1936, Thomas Dudley sailed on the Queen Mary’s maiden voyage to America and visited a number of foundries to help formulate his vision for the future of the company.

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