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At Thomas Dudley, we understand that customers are increasingly requiring iron castings to be delivered at short notice.

With this in mind, we have developed a flexible, proactive approach and proven methodologies that enable finished iron castings to be distributed nationwide within 48 hours of manufacture.

As one of the most flexible UK foundries, we can also deliver iron castings at weekends or outside normal working hours to support customer production schedules.

Furthermore, our extensive warehousing facilities allow us to produce large production batches and call off and deliver smaller quantities as and when they are required. This allows customers to take advantage of the most cost effective manufacturing batch sizes without having to tie up valuable resources in stock-holding and storage.


Our warehouse is located within our West Midlands foundry and spans 35,000 square feet.

Combined with a proactive approach to stock control, this allows cast ductile iron and grey iron components to be manufactured in the most cost effective batch quantities and securely stored on site.

Castings can then be called off in any required volumes and delivered nationwide within 48 hours to support customer production schedules.

In addition, this unrivalled flexibility provides the assurance that cast ductile iron and grey iron parts can be delivered at short notice in response to any fluctuation in demand.

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