Core Making In Casting

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Our core making facilities have been specifically designed to support the production of intricate casting cores to exceptionally tight tolerances.

TD Foundry offers robust, market-leading technology that is linked directly to our CAD/CAM pattern making capabilities and allows us to produce cores that are used to cast complex and non-machinable shaped components. These components are widely used within the global hydraulic and engineering markets.

In addition, Thomas Dudley offers customers the reassurance of knowing that we have developed the expertise in automatic venting, low expansion sand, refractory core coating and core drying required to produce quality-assured casting cores for any given project.

Our detailed understanding of refractory core coating also enables us to engineer castings that are free from sand particles and other contaminants. This is an essential requirement for hydraulic spools and other moving components.

Cold box cores making capabilities:

  • The World’s most advanced foundry core making technology in 2 Laempe LL20 machines.
  • Fully computerised automated production.
  • Horizontal and vertical box splits for maximum flexibility.
  • The ability to produce cores with up to 5 loose pieces that can be automatically withdrawn to eliminate the need to assemble and glue cores.
  • The use of environmentally friendly binders.

Shell core making capabilities:

  • State-of-the-art Bianchi technology.
  • Fully automated and temperature controlled for complete repeat-ability.
  • Specialist expertise in the production of thin section, delicate, multi-core boxes which are ideally suited to the requirements of the hydraulics and turbocharger castings market.
  • Low cost, high volume production.
  • Rapid grade change for exceptional material flexibility.

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