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Case Studies : Success as a cast iron foundry

Our portfolio of case studies explains how we have successfully delivered iron casting solutions across a diverse range of industry sectors.

Each case study outlines the particular challenge presented by the customer and our unique approach that helps to set us apart from other UK foundries.

Whatever your iron casting requirements, we can provide a proven, reliable and extremely cost-effective source of supply.

Cutting Machining Costs by 75% with Greens and Castings

When a leading vehicle accessory manufacturer needed to modify an existing gear shift component, they enlisted the help of Thomas Dudley.

The required changes included machining additional slots and holes and reducing weight. In order to achieve this, two alternative methods of production were considered.

The Company’s Production Manager explained “our first option was to manually machine each component. However, this process was both time consuming and expensive. We therefore decided to explore having the new gear shifters produced as SG iron greensand castings”.

Formulating a solution…

After taking time to clearly understand the performance criteria for the new component, Thomas Dudley’s engineers went to work formulating a solution. First, samples of the existing component were examined to ensure that suitable greensand castings could be produced.

Next, Thomas Dudley’s design team and in-house pattern shop produced the pattern equipment from prototypes of the modified part. Production samples were then delivered for testing and the first 500 gear shifters were cast.

Saving time and money...

The Production Manager continued “we are delighted with our decision to work with Thomas Dudley. The new parts offer assured quality and have enabled us to achieve significant cost reductions. Where the old gear shifter took around an hour to machine, the new version actually incorporates many of the slots. As a result, the greensand castings have enabled us to reduce machining costs by around 75%”.

Engineering Castings Help Manufacturer to Increase Output.

When a UK manufacturer needed to meet the growing demand for their contemporary wood and anthracite burning stoves, Thomas Dudley’s engineering castings helped to provide the solution.

The original hand made stoves were made from recycled parts, each taking over a week to make. When demand increased dramatically, alternative methods of production had to be explored.

Breaking the original down into mouldable cast iron parts…

Having manufactured high quality engineering castings since 1920, Thomas Dudley has unrivalled expertise. Drawing upon this, our design team broke the original stove down into a number of easily mouldable cast iron parts.

Next, CAD files were produced in-house and were used to manufacture the patterns needed to produce the engineering castings. Once samples had been approved, Thomas Dudley was ready to commence production of the new cast iron parts for the stove.

Unique appearance and performance...

A Director of the stove manufacturer explained “although we needed to manufacture in a different way, we were determined to retain the unique appearance and performance characteristics of the original models. Thomas Dudley’s engineering castings have achieved this and allowed us to increase production.

Aesthetically, the new stove is stunning, it generates outstanding airflow and heat output and is easily serviced. Furthermore, in keeping with the original, it’s cast iron parts are made in the UK from recycled material. We are delighted with the results of the project which has helped us keep pace with the stove’s growing popularity”.

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