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Hydraulic Castings AS A LEADING Hydraulic Valve Manufacturer

At Thomas Dudley, we are vastly experienced in engineering hydraulic castings and understand the unique requirements of this market.

As one of the UK’s leading hydraulic valve manufacturers and valve body manufacturers, we have developed extensive expertise in casting design, development and production.

Our team also works in partnership with customers to provide the complete hydraulic castings solution and can engineer patterns in-house in our Advanced Centre for Engineering to provide unrivalled support and control over the entire process.

In addition, we have developed an in-depth understanding of sand technology and the use of low expansion silica sand. Our core making facilities can produce intricately shaped cores to exacting tolerances and are supported by on-site core coating and drying.

Thomas Dudley also appreciates the need for hydraulic castings to be free from cracks, sand particles and other unwanted contaminants.

As such, our solutions include thorough salt bath chemical cleaning and visual boroscope inspections before components leave the foundry.

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