TD Foundry continues its journey to net-zero carbon

TD Foundry continues its journey to net-zero carbon

TD Foundry, part of the Thomas Dudley Group, is committed to greener manufacturing. Our goal is to decarbonise by 2040, becoming a net-zero company by encouraging and implementing low and zero carbon strategies within our operations.

Working closely with an energy and process optimisation company, Pro Enviro Ltd, we have developed a net zero carbon strategy and are introducing multiple carbon reduction strategies throughout our operations. This has lead to targeted energy consumption analysis, tracking where non-productive energy is being consumed and the introduction of local monitoring on all our plant and equipment. We have collected and collated our emission data from the whole of our value chain and are on track to steadily reduce our in-house carbon emissions and achieve our net zero carbon targets, and will be able to become net zero by our target year.

The Thomas Dudley Groups mission is to lead the way in managing a sustainable group, ensuring all their companies are doing all they can to reduce their impact on the environment with the aim of providing sustainable solutions for all our clients, no matter the project. Thomas Dudley Group has long held the vision of an efficient and sustainable future with the aim of further increasing the levels of sustainability to reach the net zero goal. It is the business mission to be there to encourage and support low and zero carbon strategies within the company, guiding them to its Zero Carbon Goal.

Thomas Dudley Group have developed and introduced its own Energy policy, to help further establish commitments to decarbonisation.

In line with group policies, we have already begun to implement several key principles into our sustainable development. These include:

  • Encouraging staff to switch to sustainable transport.
  • Investing in new energy efficient technologies to reduce our energy consumption.
  • Encouraging staff to recycle waste, use products from sustainable sources, as well as implement sustainability principles in the use of resources in their everyday activities, such as water and energy usage.
  • Switching Gas and Electricity suppliers, to suppliers that can provide carbon neutral energy, confirmed through certification.
  • Planning to install solar panels during 2024 to generate over 1m Kwh power in the first year, equivalent to 285T of CO²e.

TD Foundry’s journey to net-zero is one that is planned to be achieved by 2040 and we have begun to make drastic changes to our company and its policies. We are currently investing in new technologies and plant equipment that are designed to reduce our overall emissions and energy consumption.

Our Foundry has already reduced its energy consumption per ton of castings significantly and planned several initiatives including improvements to our furnaces and blast extraction and the installation of new motors, inverters and a slag crushers, which will deliver an estimated annual saving of over 500T of CO²e.

TD Foundry and the Thomas Dudley Group are committed to doing all we can to take action to reduce our carbon emissions and we hope to be able to bring you more information on our progress in the coming months.