Introducing Nick Priest

Introducing Nick Priest

TD Foundry is pleased to announce that Nick Priest has joined the company in the role of Utility Business Development Manager.

Nick has taken over from Philip West on our utility sales team and has over 30 years’ experience selling and specifying products within many different sectors of the drainage and foundry industries.

TD Foundry has been producing quality castings for over 100 years and offer a high level of technical knowledge and expertise in the foundry industry. We also have many years’ experience in the development of safe civil and utility drainage castings and products.

TD Foundry utility and drainage castings are engineered to comply with and exceed the requirements of British Standards. Many of our products have been designed to offer lighter castings that are easier and safer to handle whilst offering the same performance, strength and durability than their heavier counterparts. Our range also incorporates market-leading, innovative features and is underpinned by exceptional stockholding and service.

When customers choose to work with us, they do so knowing they have selected a uniquely flexible, financially secure source of supply that is committed to exceeding customer expectations. Both TD Foundry and Nick Priest endeavour to meet those expectations.I look forward to developing accounts and sales within TD stockists and deliver greater margins, target new customers and look forward to meeting and working with new colleagues Nick

Please feel free to contact Nick with any enquiries on –

+44 (0) 7803 890 786

+44 (0) 121 557 5411